My Purpose

My Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to help people understand that music can be more then just entertainment, and what those things are. I want be able to help people with this blog. I don't know everything about music, I am still studying it, however, I will share what I have found. I hope you will be enlighted and edified by what I have to share. I worry that some people might turn a deaf ear to my blog if they read something on this blog that they don't agree with. I respect your beliefs. I don't agree with everything I read either. But I know you can find something that can help and interest you, if you just keep reading.

"Quotes Worth Mentioning"


When asked where his inspiration came from, Johannes Brahms said, "I immediately feel vibrations that thrills my whole being. These are the Spirit illuminating the soul power within, and in this exalted state, I see clearly what is obscure in my ordinary moods: Then I feel capable of drawing inspiration from above, as Beethoven ... Straighway the ideas flow in upon me, directly from God, and not only do I see distinct themes in my mind's eye but they are clothed in the right forms, harmonies, and orchestration. Measure by measure, the finished product is revealed to me when I am in those rare, inspired moods." "The powers from which all truly great composers like Mozart, Schubert, Bach and Beethoven drew their inspiration is the same power that enabled Jesus to work his miracles. It is the same power that created our earth and the whole universe"
("Talks with Great Composers", Arthur M. Abell)

"Give me power over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not for who shapes it laws"
Napolian Bonaparte

“Intellectual enlightenment consists of instruction in the arts, numbers, history, speech, and government. Music consummates a man’s life, giving his rituals meaning. Music has a trensforming effect on its listeners, and should be the first principle of government.” -The Teachings of Confucius.

I quote some remarks between,Gene R. Cook, and Mik Jagger made a few years ago:
Cook: "I have the opportunity to be with a lot of young people. Many say your music does not affect them adversely in any way. Others say it effects them in a very bad way. What is your opinion? What is your impact?”
Jagger "Our music is calculated to drive the kids to sex. It's not my fault what they do. It's up to them. I'm just making a lot of money.”
Cook: He was in Mexico making a profane and pornographic music video because the cost is 1/3 there. In addition it is easier to produce such videos there at the moment. He explained that though such videos with explicit sexual behavior is illegal on US national television, it soon will be, and they want to have the videos ready. Now not only audio pornography can be portrayed, but they can view it as well. He was making more money this way."
Jagger:“It doesn't matter what you do in life, there are no rules. There is no god. You can take whatever you want. It doesn't matter."

"To encourage literature and the arts is the duty which every good citizen owns to his country."
George Washington

"Music has the power of producing a certain effect on the moral character of the soul, and if it has the power to do this, it is clear that the young must be directed to music and must be educated in it."

(more qoutes to come)

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Concurrent with that experience with Mr. Beethoven, I sought the help from a dear friend who uses music in therapeutic ways, by the name of Deanna Edwards. She suggested that when I was feeling down, I should go to hospitals or rest homes and sing for the patients. I countered by saying that I am an opera singer who is most comfortable in costume, with orchestral accompaniment and the benefit of stage technology and colleagues about me. I admitted that it is unnerving to sing one on one without those aids. She was not surprised and said, “I didn’t say it would be easy, but it will work”. I reluctantly tried, and have continued to this day. It has become easier to walk into hospital rooms of friends and strangers and ask if they could use a song. On rare occasions I have been thrown out, but usually it has been a remarkably therapeutic experience for them and especially for me. There is something about giving in those conditions that lifts my thoughts away from my own challenges and causes me to rejoice in having the gifts to help others. I commend it to you, whatever your gifts may be. Recently I met a friend in town whom I have known throughout my life. His name is Hi Whitney. He has been a well known business man in our community, providing appliances to a major segment of our community for decades. He was in a produce market buying vegetables with the use of a walker. I inquired after his condition, and he informed me that he had just recently had his foot removed through the challenges associated with diabetes. He explained that the surgery had preserved his life, and taught him a great deal. His countenance was cheery and he wanted to tell me about the experience. He said that when he awakened from the anesthesia for the surgery, he had a compromised respiratory function. His breathing was weak, and the doctors and nurses warned him that if he did not get more respiratory exercise, there was the potential of complications including pneumonia. They brought him a respiratory machine in which to blow, which was intended to assist him in the process of regaining his respiratory-pulmonary function. He said that he simply could not bring himself to do it, but thought that he might be able to get the same effect if they could get him a harmonica. They did as he requested in soon he was blowing for extended periods of time on the little hand-held wind instrument. Soon patients in the adjacent rooms heard him, and asked if he could come for a visit and play for them. He did so. It could not have been easy at first, but he explained that his own challenges seemed to disappear as he felt the joy of lifting the spirits of his neighbors in the hospital. He made rounds all day long to lift the hearts and spirits of his fellow patients. A great deal of healing took place, both for the giver and the receiver. It works!

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  1. I am a volunteer musican for a hospital; an I can say that, when I give the gift of music to others I also receive something back very special. Many times I have been brought to tears knowing that I have brought comfort to those who are suffering through the power of music.